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  • That Conference 2014

    Tags: ThatConference

    I've just arrived in Wisconsin at That Conference - looking at session lists and events sessions while waiting to check-in made me look forward to everything even more! There's so many different sessions that seem interesting, it's tough to choose just one for each time slot.

    Hope to see you there!

  • Fixed: emails bouncing due to dns fail

    Tags: notice

    If anyone has had issues with emails addressed to the domain, I've just put into place a change to my host's DNS records to get them aligned with my Exchange Online service. It was something I was supposed to do by Jan 1 which had clearly slipped my mind.

    Thanks Angela Dugan for the heads-up!

  • VS2012 Node.js Project Template

    Following up on an exchange Chris Powers and I had earlier today at That Conference, I threw together a quick and dirty project template for VS 2012 (RC) to create a new node.js website project. The template will create a new website folder and sln with the express module installed and a simple “hello world” response mapped to the “/”. image


  • Slides and code from my CALMUG talk

    Tags: speaking, code, demo

    As promised, here are the slides and demo code from my talk last night at the Chicago ALM UG.

    Get the code for the Conway Life SpecFlow demo

    Download the slides here

    Special thanks to folks at MS Chicago, for being gracious hosts, Angela Dugan for giving me the opportunity to present, and to all of the attendees for rolling so well with the food pyramid analogy!