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  • Infestation is going Mango

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    Post frequency has been somewhat... long in the last (holycrapitsalreadyaugust!) few months. Many things going on, the most notable of which is that Infestation's release has been delayed to closer towards the end of the year. The loss of the project's graphics resource and music / SFX people along with a heavy client workload didn't leave enough resources or time to release on schedule. The final factor was the imminent release of the next version of the Windows Phone OS, 'Mango' hopefully starting US customers in November. Taking advantage of multi-tasking and fast application switching is a no-brainer of course, and extremely easy to do - Sean Wildemuth has a concise example here. There are some things that I could do with Live Tiles, perhaps displaying the player's highest score, or random stats perhaps. Doing the non-gameplay screens and UI in Silverlight is now an option as well, so I'm contemplating that too. I don't think that there are really any major other new things in Mango that Infestation could take advantage of, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for things i've missed.