VS2012 Node.js Project Template

Following up on an exchange Chris Powers and I had earlier today at That Conference, I threw together a quick and dirty project template for VS 2012 (RC) to create a new node.js website project. The template will create a new website folder and sln with the express module installed and a simple “hello world” response mapped to the “/”. image

I’ve tested it to ensure that it Works on My Machine, but don’t hold me responsible if it doesn’t on yours! You’ll have to have already installed node.js components for this to work correctly. I would recommend using the Web Platform Installer since it will install and configure everything for you, up to and including adding the proper ENVIRONMENT and PATH variables.

Here’s the compiled VSIX package – have fun!

Josh Elster

Josh Elster

A long-time veteran of the software industry ranging between enterprise architecture to creative site design and many points in-between, each challenge only shows how much there is to learn out there!

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